Elevate Magazine Alert (December 2006)

Doctor of the Day

Dr. Sanjoy Kundu

The Vein Institute of Toronto
217 Davenport Road
Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-929-0834
Web: theveininstitute.com

Everyone wants to look their best on the beach but keep in mind that if you plan to treat your varicose or spider veins prior to your holiday you should allow a minimum of eight weeks before your trip to finish all treatments and allow complete healing,” says Dr. Sanjoy Kundu.

If you suffer from problems related to varicose veins, you are not alone. More than 8 million Canadians suffer from some form of venous disorder. Heredity is the number one contributing factor causing these conditions. Women are more likely to suffer from abnormal leg veins and up to 50 per cent of Canadian women may be affected. Not only unsightly, they can be extremely painful.

The Vein Institute is Canada’s premier centre for the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders Canada. Their goal is to advance the research and treatment of venous disorders and to provide patients with the highest quality of care.

Founding physician and current Medical Director, Dr. Sanjoy Kundu completed medical school and a residency in Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Toronto. Following this, he completed a Fellowship in Angiography and Interventional Radiology at the University Health Network in Toronto. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and the only physician in Ontario to be sanctioned by the College of Physicians and Surgeons to perform Endovenous Laser Ablation for the treatment of varicose veins.

As a leader in his field, he lectures worldwide on the technique and most recent advancements in Endovenous Laser Ablation. As an interventional radiologist he is specialized in endovascular procedures both in the venous and arterial systems using ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance. Dr. Kundu utilizes a unique micropuncture technique to perform endovenous laser ablation and has had a 99 per cent technical success to date.

Dr. Kundu has trained with Dr. Robert Min a world expert and founder of endovenous laser ablation of varicose veins. He has also trained with Dr. Robert Weiss, a world expert in the treatment of venous disorders including varicose veins and spider veins. In addition to his duties at The Vein Institute of Toronto, he also practices at Scarborough Hospital-General Campus where he founded the uterine fibroid embolization program, carotid stenting program along with a number of new leading edge interventional radiological procedures. He is currently the medical director of the uterine fibroid embolization program, carotid stent program and co-medical director of the abdominal aneurysm endograft program at the Scarborough Hospital.